Wednesday, 11 April 2012

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Monday, 16 January 2012

A True Heart Break

To depict the emotions I felt,
wouldn’t amount to what I dealt.

She was nothing less of divine,
Her intelligents far surpassed mine.
From everything I knew of,
I knew it was true love.
How beautiful and fulfilling it was,
My dream girl loves me, she does.
The Passion laced sins,
produced those subtle dirty grins.
She understood why I would live in a cave,
just to get away form all the human slaves.

Now that we where connected,
what happened next was unexpected.
It was our fate to be separated,
After than moment I only felt sedated.
A month has passed since that time,
sadly enough she’s become a mime.

Our love has ran itself stale,
My lifeless body is so pale.

Suicide tickles her mind,
just leaving me in a tight bind.
Losing touch with reality
with a lonesome mentality.
As she drifts so far away,
I have no idea what to say.
The pain of her absence begins to set in,
I find this is no game I can win.
Talking to her again
Only drives me insane.
Now I know it must come to an end,
I have no more sorrow to spend.
“Good Bye” I sadly say
what a dark, dark day.

Now I will forever pay, what I cherish most is gone and I am left as a cold shell waiting waiting to be cracked.

It takes true love to create a true heart break.
This is what pain I feel.

Bunty (Amit)

Fighting for Love

Love isn’t a battle,
One you should just take,
It’s not a present or a gift,
Everybody makes mistakes,
Love isn’t something time can’t lift,
Love isn’t a goal,
Where the perfect begins and the bad starts,
And accepting the hole,
It’s about accepting the difference,
And realizing the others life may just be as tart,
It’s about using patience,
And using care,
Because from my point of view,
It isn’t fair,
You toil with my heart,
My emotions too,
But if you had not chance,
Maybe I wouldn’t write this at all,
I’m not indestructible,
I’m fragile inside and out,
And now I’m having doubt,
If I should just let you fall
Love isn’t just words,
It’s not always heard,
It’s about finding the imperfections,
And letting them go.
Love them with everything you got,
For all you have fought,
But love isn’t a battle,
You can’t treat a girl like cattle,
They have feelings and needs,
And all they want is truth.

Bunty(amit) 2012                                                                      

Friday, 23 December 2011


Don’t want to complain, cuz i know it’s just me, always me….
Don’t want to regret cuz i know there is no use when the things can never go right….
My demands are all buried in my pains, don’t want to arise them cuz i know it’s no fun expecting something which is just out of your reach…
I know i put up a brave heart but the reality is just hidden along with my pain behind my smile….
It’s better to live and to let others live rather than throwing dust into their eyes….
I had come for a reason, and i will go without reason..
Life needs reason but death needs no reason…
It’s uninvited… so the doors of my life has already been closed, am just waiting for my departure…
Some say it’s wrong to say all this, but no one knows the trouble of this innocent weak heart…
Life teaches everything…. Some things happen for reason and teaches u so many things that u become use to it…
My life is all complexed and whirled, the more u want to analyse it the more u will get lost and sink in it…
Sometimes infact everytime i wana say why just tell me y it’s always me????
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