Monday, 16 January 2012

A True Heart Break

To depict the emotions I felt,
wouldn’t amount to what I dealt.

She was nothing less of divine,
Her intelligents far surpassed mine.
From everything I knew of,
I knew it was true love.
How beautiful and fulfilling it was,
My dream girl loves me, she does.
The Passion laced sins,
produced those subtle dirty grins.
She understood why I would live in a cave,
just to get away form all the human slaves.

Now that we where connected,
what happened next was unexpected.
It was our fate to be separated,
After than moment I only felt sedated.
A month has passed since that time,
sadly enough she’s become a mime.

Our love has ran itself stale,
My lifeless body is so pale.

Suicide tickles her mind,
just leaving me in a tight bind.
Losing touch with reality
with a lonesome mentality.
As she drifts so far away,
I have no idea what to say.
The pain of her absence begins to set in,
I find this is no game I can win.
Talking to her again
Only drives me insane.
Now I know it must come to an end,
I have no more sorrow to spend.
“Good Bye” I sadly say
what a dark, dark day.

Now I will forever pay, what I cherish most is gone and I am left as a cold shell waiting waiting to be cracked.

It takes true love to create a true heart break.
This is what pain I feel.

Bunty (Amit)


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