Monday, 16 January 2012

Fighting for Love

Love isn’t a battle,
One you should just take,
It’s not a present or a gift,
Everybody makes mistakes,
Love isn’t something time can’t lift,
Love isn’t a goal,
Where the perfect begins and the bad starts,
And accepting the hole,
It’s about accepting the difference,
And realizing the others life may just be as tart,
It’s about using patience,
And using care,
Because from my point of view,
It isn’t fair,
You toil with my heart,
My emotions too,
But if you had not chance,
Maybe I wouldn’t write this at all,
I’m not indestructible,
I’m fragile inside and out,
And now I’m having doubt,
If I should just let you fall
Love isn’t just words,
It’s not always heard,
It’s about finding the imperfections,
And letting them go.
Love them with everything you got,
For all you have fought,
But love isn’t a battle,
You can’t treat a girl like cattle,
They have feelings and needs,
And all they want is truth.

Bunty(amit) 2012                                                                      


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